Welcome to Pharmaone Healthcare, a leading distribution and healthcare services company in UAE.  Supplying a comprehensive range of Medical and Pharmaceutical products from multiple Multinational companies in the Healthcare field. The Distribution network covers Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centres and retail Pharmacies.

Pharmaone is a well-trusted brand with a hugely experienced dynamic team with a great reputation for managing hospitals, labs and end-to-end operations of healthcare companies.


Our Mission is to develop and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships with our Customers and our Principals. Our mission is to be an ethical, loyal, and reputable business partner to all stakeholders. We take pride in providing our business partners wide coverage of high-quality products and services with swift delivery models.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

We are working with a number of generic medicine manufacturers to ensure a consistent supply of low-cost medicines to all the patients with the highest quality and satisfactory results.

Medical Devices

Pharma one has distribution rights for multiple international brands of great repute to import and distribute medical equipment, devices, consumables, reagents and related hospital supplies.

Healthcare Supplies

Dramatic shifts in the healthcare landscape, Pharma one supports the healthcare supplies solutions at the most favourable commercial terms.

Medical consumables and Disposables

From the back office to the doctor’s office, we help clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.


From Source to Solution Procurement is a critical and central part of the supply chain.  From our operational headquarters in Dubai, UAE, our Procurement team oversees the sourcing of materials and services to our customers.

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